Welcome to Ma'wa Engineering Works

Ma'wa Engineering Works, established in 2005 aiming to serve the valve industry and to be known for the best design and quality. We design all the valves following the world wide code and standards. Fulfilling standards as well as customer's requirements. From designing to pattern making, casting, machining, fitting. Testing of valves at every stage is a check point for design verification and product validation for the durability of the product. That is why our tag line is Durable Products and we always keep this thing in our mind while manufacturing.

Any new recruit is first of all trained as per our training standards to fulfil our motto Durable Products. In the past we have covered many types of industrial valves but we also offer metal seated Dual Plate Check Valve and metal seated Butterfly valves in triple offset design. We also manufacture Storm Valves.

We manufacture valves in all types of metals and alloy like, steel, stainless steel, austenatic steel, ferrite steel, alloy steel (alloy20, haste alloy C276:titanium, incoly). In a small set up we have all machineries that are needed, whether its manufacturing or testing.

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